Practice Areas



Intellectual property is an asset. LGV Filing & Services, with the support of selected experts, offers personalised services for the value estimate of patents, trade marks, design assets and of entire intellectual property portfolios, also in the context of M&A transactions. This way we can assist companies in understanding the real value of their intangible assets, which is the starting point for strategically planning their exploitation.



The exploitation of intellectual property rights represents a precious economic opportunity, however, in order for such rights to produce the desired results, such exploitation must occur with the support of technical and legal competences that can protect and enhance the value of the IP assets. We assist clients in the negotiation, drafting and management of assignment agreements, licences, distribution and franchising, as well as in the review of pre-existent contracts.



The Italian system provides for a series of tax breaks, such as the so-called Patent Box regime – which establishes a favourable framework for the taxation of revenue deriving from intangible assets such as patents, designs, know-how and copyrighted software – and income tax credits for research and development activities. Moreover, intellectual property may be utilized as a financial instrument for accessing new forms of financing. We analyse the business and objectives of the client in order to develop and give execution to a strategy aimed at enhancing the value of the client’s IP portfolio and in a way that can take advantage of all the tax benefits allowed under the law.



The customs supervision service represents an effective protection measure aimed at preventively combating counterfeiting activities. It allows companies to act against counterfeiters before the infringing goods are released on the market. With this service, companies can also gain important information concerning illegal commercial trade and, more generally, acquire information on the market. We offer clients our competences and experience both with regard to the activation and the monitoring of customs supervisions, whilst also continuing in the coordination of all activities connected to the block, seizure and destruction of the infringing goods.



Personal data also constitutes an important company asset and as such deserves to be protected and economically enhanced. In this field we offer clients our wide encompassing experience, providing specialised consultancy as well as both accurate and personalised analysis of the compliance situation of the company. In this connection we offer training to employees and collaborators, whilst ensuring the correct establishment of all necessary documentation and procedures. Specific attention is given to the rules set out in the new European Regulation concerning data protection which, among other things, has also increased administrative fines up to 4% of the total annual corporate turnover.



LGV Filing & Services has gained significant experience in providing assistance to foreign companies, whom it has worked with in the incorporation phase as well as in all subsequent phases of change and transformation of the corporate entity, up to its winding up and dissolution. We are specialised in the incorporation of public limited companies, representative offices and commercial branches established for the carrying on of business activities in Italy. We also manage the arrangement of all necessary documents, such as the memorandum and articles of association, and the drafting or examination of corporate governance agreements such as shareholders agreements and contracts between shareholders or corporate bodies of the company and the company itself.



The need to streamline fixed costs, and in particular those that are necessary for ensuring a stable presence of the company within a given territory, has become a pressing issue for companies. We help clients optimise those costs by offering domicile and representation services that support and complete the core assistance activities. We offer the following services: domicile of legal headquarters, postal domicile, business domicile, tax representation, general and special power of attorney.



LGV Filing & Services also deals with all aspects that may be of importance for those individuals who carry on a business activity and who wish to optimise increasing costs. We follow all of the bureaucratic and administrative procedures necessary for obtainment of permits and of the documentation required for legally exercising commercial and employment activities in Italy, ensuring specialised assistance in the management of each specific case. We also assist clients in obtainment of their tax code.



Software is an essential instrument for the business of a company. Compliance checks and verifications of the IT network represent two fundamental issues for a company, also considering the risk of sanctions as provided under Legislative Decree 231/2001. We assist clients in the evaluation and enhancement of their IT network, also providing assistance in Software Asset Management or licence compliance procedures.



Throughout the years LGV Avvocati has consolidated an extensive network of contacts and developed a certain closeness with the fashion industry. LGV Filing & Services benefits from these achievements and is in a prime position to offer companies the possibility of arranging meetings and ensure that the needs of all interested parties are satisfied.